Are you at risk of asbestos contamination?

If you believe you’re at risk of asbestos exposure at your home or workplace, now is the time to invest in asbestos removal. Asbestos & friable asbestos was a large part of the mid-19th century industrial era, and even since the ban in 2003, the health of Australians has suffered severely from exposure. The toxic substance was used in the manufacturing of goods, and can be found in piping, furniture, insulation, flooring, and other areas of building development. Fortunately, there is something you can do to reduce or prevent the danger of asbestos contamination in your area. The Demolition Blokes test and remove any asbestos to reduce your risk of contamination. No threat is too small, and our team are happy to put your mind at ease. If you have any property or belongings that require our asbestos removal Adelaide service, contact The Demolition Blokes and we’ll put your concerns to rest.

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Why we are the best Asbestos removalists in Adelaide

Not sure who to approach for your asbestos removal Adelaide? The Demolition Blokes are able to conduct tests and return results within 72 hours. We use a microscopic system that identifies the presence of dangerous toxins in fabrics or materials. Then, our fully trained team remove the asbestos while complying with safety procedures by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Additionally, our staff conduct clearance inspections post-removal to ensure the job has been completed successfully, as asbestos fibres pose a dangerous threat if disturbed or airborne. Once the space has been fully cleared of particles we provide a clearance certificate and an air monitoring report which permits reoccupation. Our team are always transparent about cost, and can provide insight regarding property devaluation as a result of asbestos. Our process has been developed for the safety of our clients; that’s why we are one of the leading services in the city.

Benefits of choosing Demolition Blokes to Test Your Asbestos

The Demolition Blokes are experienced and qualified in safe asbestos removal Adelaide. Asbestos continues to pose a major threat to many, some of whom aren’t even aware they have been exposed. Thus, our goal is to test and remove any contaminated materials from Adelaide to keep our locals safe. Our team’s knowledge combined with onsite testing procedures helps us reach quick conclusions, and allows us to give you honest quotes. Further, our client encounters are always positive, and we genuinely care about friendly and prompt service, accurate asbestos testing, and neat and tidy removal at an affordable price. Thus, we perform at the highest of industry standards, and strive to create trusting relationships. Are you second guessing the safety of your home? If so, give us a call on 0409 760 300 to see if you require the removal of asbestos

When dealing with dangerous materials, there’s no room to make mistakes. Thus, to guarantee the most efficient and accurate service, you need The Demolition Blokes for your asbestos removal Adelaide. We prioritise our clients and their timetables, and ensure safety takes precedence with every job we undertake. Call us today to arrange an on-site test for peace of mind!