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Following confirmation that asbestos is present, we’ll send out a written quote with all the terms and conditions of our service which will require your approval before a removal date and time can scheduled. At least 5 days prior to the scheduled date, a notification form must be submitted through the Safework SA portal to receive a notification number. Next, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) are updated for that particular job, along with an Asbestos Control Plan, a Risk Assessment and any other job specific documentation. A letter drop to the neighbours notifies them and provides them with advice on what they can do to minimise any impact if it’s a large-scale job. On the day work commences, a site induction/toolbox meeting is conducted to outline the job requirements. The site is set up with an exclusion zone to seal off any non-work areas to prevent contamination. The decontamination area is nominated for removal of PPE, safe packaging and disposal.

The independent Air monitoring company sets up their equipment where needed and signage is placed outside the site to advise the work in progress. Final checks are conducted and refuse receptacles are adequately prepared before work is undertaken, as per SWMS. Once finished, all areas are vacuumed using a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) approved vacuum. The asbestos containing materials in the receptacles are double sealed for disposal and then an air monitoring is conducted to ensure there are no airborne fibres remaining in the work area.  If they receive a negative reading confirming the site is free of fibres, they provide a clearance certificate. This indicated an “all clear” and that the occupants can return.

The site is then dismantled, and all tools, sealing material, equipment, and staff are taken to the decontamination area, with all non-disposable items cleaned.  All disposable items are double wrapped and placed with the other ACM for disposal. Utilising an Environmental Protection Authority Transport Certificate, the appropriately wrapped ACM is conveyed to an approved disposal site. To complete the job, the Safework Portal is updated with the completion date, clearance certificate number, Transport Certificate number and the disposal site docket number.

friable asbestos removal Adelaide
friable asbestos removal Adelaide

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We aim to make the asbestos removal as simple and efficient as possible by following a consistent process. Firstly, a client will approach us by either phone, email or website detailing whether they need confirmation of asbestos presence, or immediate removal.

We then either come out to the site or guide you through testing the suspicious material yourself. Tests will be sent through to the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) laboratory who will return results within 1-3 working days.

commercial asbestos removal Adelaide
asbestos removal Adelaide
asbestos removal Adelaide

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