Asbestos Roof Removal Adelaide: Demolition Blokes Keeping Neighbourhoods Safe

For the most reliable asbestos roof removal, you can’t go past The Demolition Blokes. Although the fibrous substance has since been banned, the aftermath has cost the health of many Australians. Additionally, it can lead to life-threatening illness if exposure remains undetected. The Demolition Blokes are helping to reduce the risk of asbestos exposure on all residential, commercial and industrial premises. Thus, we provide testing, removal, and clearance certificates to ensure your home or property is 100% safe to reinhabit. Although people don’t regularly come into contact with their roofs, the threat is still very real. Even non-friable asbestos can circulate upon removal. That is why you need a team who undertake the right safety procedures and value the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Taking that into account, the Demolition Blokes are the right team to handle your asbestos removal.

Asbestos Roof Removal Adelaide

The Risk of Asbestos

There are a few important reasons why you should consider a&b licensed asbestos removal. While some may not consider their roof an immediate threat, factors like weather damage and natural degradation can eventually take their toll. This damage eventually reduces the strength of the once ‘bonded’ asbestos to a friable state, consequently increasing risk over time. Therefore, every asbestos structure or material should never be handled by you directly and must be treated with utmost care. The problems that can occur are wide-ranging, but generally stem from fibre obtrusion in your lungs. Scar tissue growth around crystal fibres can then lead to more terminal problems. That is why we approach our work with utmost caution and accuracy. If you have a suspicion that it may have been used in your roof, call us for an on-site test so we can directly address the urgency.

The Demolition Blokes & Asbestos Removal Process

The Demolition Blokes are experienced, prompt, and highly communicative when it comes to removing this dangerous material from your roof. We never conclude our service until we know it’s safe for you to re-access the area, which is why we have adopted air monitoring procedures post-removal as part of our clearance inspection. We get the job done right the first time round, and are always completely transparent when it comes to pricing. Our wide-range of expertise means that we consider no job too difficult, and approach even the smallest of jobs in a professional and serious manner. Although the task can often be dangerous, we never compromise friendly service and actively engage with our clients to make sure their aware of the extent of the problem, and the processes involved with the removal. For the safest and most reliable asbestos roof removal in Adelaide, contact the Demolition Blokes for immediate on-site testing.

Reduce the risk of asbestos exposure in your home and reach out to Demolition Blokes for any additional information regarding your asbestos roof removal. You can trust us to get the job done in the safest and most effective way possible.