Our Asbestos Testing Service

Buildings containing asbestos must be treated with utmost care, which is where our asbestos testing service comes in. The Demolition Blokes & Asbestos Removal specialise in the safe and efficient demolition of commercial and residential structures. Many people understand the danger of exposed asbestos. However, very few understand exactly what it takes to detect, demolish and remove asbestos. Prior to the 1990s, Asbestos was commonly used in a variety of building applications. Thus, it is likely that a structure built in this era will contain some asbestos. Our strong reputation in Adelaide has cemented our position as a reputable name in asbestos detection and removal. When it comes to finding the right asbestos remover, it is vital that you choose a company who can test the presence and severity of asbestos. This will help to ensure your family’s safety is never compromised.

Asbestos Testing Adelaide

Our Process

Asbestos testing is a vital element of the asbestos removal process, as it is not always easy to detect the degree of its presence. The Demolition Blokes team will complete a comprehensive site inspection and take samples of your material to be professionally tested. Asbestos is typically found within ceilings, roofing, flooring, walls and tiles. All potentially affected materials are examined under a microscope to identify certain fibres in laboratory conditions. Results of these tests are seen within 48-72 hours. At this time, you will better understand the severity of the asbestos in your home or business. We also conduct testing before a renovation takes place or prior to a property being purchased. If asbestos is detected, failing to remove it could significantly devalue a home. A small investment now can save you a world of pain in the future, especially for commercial properties and when purchasing a new home.

Our Service Guarantee

Once our asbestos testing is complete, we set up air sampling units in and around the site to test for any remaining airborne particles. Afterwards, a report is generated outlining the effectiveness of the asbestos removal. The monitoring report will also advise of when the site will be ready for reoccupation. Our commitment to the safety of occupants and those around the premises sees us stringently follow all rules related to testing. The debris and contaminated waste must be completely removed and all surfaces cleaned to eliminate any remaining dust particles. Our end to end service, involving the detection, testing and removal of asbestos-ridden materials makes us your one stop shop when protecting your family. Everything we do is in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. Additionally, we are fully licensed to transport and correctly dispose of asbestos waste material.

If you need asbestos testing Adelaide to guarantee to safety of your home or business, call the team at The Demolition Blokes & Asbestos Removal today. Our standard of end to end service simply cannot be matched.