What is Asbestos & What Types Are There?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate mineral which contains long thin fibrous crystals. It has been mined for over four thousand years and has a number of properties; including fire resistance and sound absorption which contributed to its popularity back in the day. It wasn’t until the twentieth century that health concerns were raised surrounding inhalation of the fibres. Serious and terminal illnesses—like mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer—were soon linked to the material. It was eventually restricted, phased out, and then banned by the 1990s. The versatility of the material meant that it was used in wide-spread manufacturing; in all sorts of manufactured goods and builds. Today, despite attempts to completely abate the contaminant, it still exists across the streets of Adelaide.

Where can it be found?

In Homes:

Some of the more common places you may find asbestos in your home are roof shingles, corrugated sheets, wall linings, external cladding, floor tile underlay, vinyl sheets, floor tiles, electrical switchboards, bathroom ceilings, walls and floors.

It can also be detected in some unlikely areas such as kitchen splash backs, cupboards and in old fencing. This means that people should be open-minded and conscious, particularly when renovating or undertaking a home project.


Some examples of commercial buildings which may contain asbestos are warehouses, shops, schools, hospitals, factories, and office blocks. Within these spaces it can often be found in both the interior and exterior layout, potentially in: wall linings, eaves, roofs, fire doors, wet areas (like toilets and amenities) switchboards, flooring and exterior cladding.

Asbestos In The Home

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Inspections & Reports

TDB can inspect a property prior to purchase or renovation to ensure that clients know what they are potentially facing. A professional inspection will identify the presence of asbestos and remediation of the site can then be factored into the value of the property. They say that knowledge is power, and it’s best to know exactly what you’re up against and how much the problem will cost to rectify. Disturbing fibres during demolition and building can be a health risk for those on site, so we approach each job with caution and care.

Getting your residential home or commercial business properly inspected and examined is well worth it for peace of mind. TDB undertake inspections throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area and out-skirting suburbs. If you want help from the leaders in this industry, call us today and we’ll provide you with a transparent breakdown of all costs involved.

asbestos removal Adelaide
asbestos removal Adelaide

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