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If you are concerned about asbestos in your home or business on the Yorke Peninsula, We are licenced to test, decontaminate and remove any material containing this dangerous material on your property. We are your professional solution in Mailtland, Ardrossan, Port Victoria, Marion Bay, Edithburg, Port Vincent and surrounding areas. Our fully trained, certified and experienced technicians can determine the friable or non-friable state of the material on your property and deal with it safely and legally. The Demolition Blokes have been removing and decontaminating sites in South Australia for many years, we have the expertise to ensure the safety of your family and all those in the immediate vicinity.

Asbestos is a real and ever-present danger for those untrained to recognise it and take appropriate action to deal with it. The general policy has been one of do not disturb it, until you have engaged certified asbestos removal contractors to follow the codes of practice set down by those government bodies policing it. In many instances, this has delayed rebuilding and renovation activity for residents and business owners, because of the nature and expense of the removal process.

We offer an affordable way forward, without compromising on quality or safety. We get the job done, quickly and effectively, so, that you can get on with your upgrade or new construction. We clean up this old material problem and remove any future health risks to your people going forward. Talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives today about your specific requirements on the Yorke Peninsula. Wherever you are located, we can help.

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The Nature of the Danger

What is the nature of the asbestos danger to human health? This material is a fibrous silicate mineral; and has been used for millennia in construction. It was mined around the world, including in South Australia. The very fine fibres can be inhaled by human beings and lodge in the lungs, where they are almost impossible to remove. They can result in many forms of lung cancer and a condition called mesothelioma. These are usually fatal illnesses. In Australia, This material usage was banned from domestic construction in the late 1980s. In 2003, all products containing it for all purposes were made illegal to sell, store, import, use or reuse. If you have any concerns about materials on your Yorke Peninsula, SA, property or building, which may contain asbestos, please contact us, the Demolition Blokes. We can inspect and test to confirm, for you, the status of your home, business or property. Call us now to make an appointment or to find out more.

Registering Your Asbestos

It is compulsory in South Australia to register the presence of asbestos and any work carried out in relation to that material. We provide assistance with Material Registers on the Yorke Peninsula for businesses and properties. We can help with worksheets and schematic site plans.

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Houses and buildings built prior to the 1990s in Australia are very likely to contain material with this dangerous compound in it. It is no exaggeration to say that Australia had a bit of a love affair with this dangerous material in the building game. Companies like James Hardies Industries and CSR Limited were heavily involved in the mining and manufacture of asbestos and asbestos products for decades.  There are some 3 000 plus known products containing it. You will find this material in roofing sheeting, capping and guttering, in wall cladding, in floor and ceiling tiles, in pipes, fire blankets, shed linings, telecommunication pits, in drain traps, car ports, eave sheeting, corrugated roof sheeting, and a myriad of other building materials. It insulates and is fire resistant; and as such was immensely popular for thousands of years for construction purposes.  Your home in Yorketown, Black Point, Wauraltee, Coobowie, Warooka, Point Turton, Stansbury, Port Vincent, and at Bluff Beach may contain this cancer causing material if it was built pre-1990s. The Demolition Blokes can inspect, test, and remove any materials which are deemed to be friable or you wish to be removed. Talk to one of our expert technicians today about your situation on the Yorke Peninsula.

At the Demolition Blokes, we are trained to inspect and test your property or building for the presence of asbestos. Our technicians utilise independent air monitoring contractors and NATA accredited laboratories to ensure compliance with all government codes of practice in South Australia. Your safety and that of your family members, neighbours, customers and staff, are paramount in our minds and actions at all times. We will remove and clean up all traces of the material from your home, business or property. Our own safety precautions are designed to protect our decontamination team and all those in the immediate vicinity at all times. Our technicians wear full protective gear from inspection to completion. Friable areas are wetted down to prevent airborne contamination and we follow all stringent workplace health and safety codes. For all of this testing and decontamination services, please call for a detailed quote.

Asbestos is classified according to its manufactured states, which are termed Friable or Non-Friable. Friable refers to material which can be powdered or crumbled by hand pressure. This is the more hazardous form, as fibres can be carried via airborne mediums, making it particularly dangerous to those in the vicinity of the asbestos containing material. Non-friable fibres are bound by fixatives like vinyl, cement, and resin. These manufactured products can be made friable by age, damage and mechanical force. Different guidelines and government regulations apply to these two forms of dangerous material. Removing more than 10 square metres of non-friable material requires a licenced restricted asbestos removal permit. Our technicians have full unrestricted removal licences for their work in all areas. Call today if you would like more information regarding the nature of the material on your property or to make a booking.