Remove asbestos from your fences

If you require asbestos fence removal at your home or commercial premises we can help. Our certified asbestos removal operators are experienced in the safe disposal of asbestos fences in Adelaide. In addition, if you are unsure whether you have a fence constructed of asbestos-containing material we can test and assess for conclusive proof. It is recommended by SA government authorities that fences built before 1990 be assessed for the presence of asbestos. This advice is particularly urgent if the fence is in poor condition or may be disturbed by planned renovations, repairs or demolition. Our licenced assessors are ready to assist you in this matter. Call for a free quote now!

asbestos fence removal adelaide

Asbestos Fence Replacement Adelaide

If you are considering replacing your old fence, we can help you ascertain if it contains asbestos material and remove it for you. Asbestos can be a highly hazardous material to handle and must be assessed by qualified assessors. A damaged fence can be a health risk to all those who come into contact with the area around the asbestos fence. Asbestos fibres are airborne carcinogens and pose real dangers to the health and wellbeing of human beings. Our complete service provides sampling, testing, removal, repair, remediation and air monitoring. We are competitively priced and provide free quotes.

In most cases, removal and correct disposal of asbestos fences is recommended by Australian government authorities. A risk asbestos test by a qualified assessor is recommended in evaluating the condition of the fence and the amount of damage. In some instances, involving small amounts of damage, these surface holes could be filled with an outdoor silicone product. Capping and painting the fence can, also, in some circumstances be a short-term gap solution. Repairing asbestos fences on the whole is not recommended by relevant local government authorities and the SA government. We offer our clients expert advice and consultation on situations like these in Adelaide.

Asbestos Fence Inspection & Testing

It pays to know exactly what you are dealing with when it comes to asbestos. This highly hazardous material has cost many people lots of money and some their lives. We can assist you with asbestos fence inspection and testing to put you in the driver’s seat before you make a decision. You might be considering the purchase of a property in Adelaide and are unclear on the make-up of a pre-1990 fence on the property. You may be about to renovate a property and are uncertain about the materials used in the construction of the old house. There are many situations, in which, it really pays to have conclusive proof one way or another. We can help with all aspects of asbestos removal!


When dealing with dangerous materials, there’s no room to make mistakes. Thus, to guarantee the most efficient and accurate service, you need The Demolition Blokes for your asbestos removal Adelaide. We prioritise our clients and their timetables, and ensure safety takes precedence with every job we undertake. Call us today to arrange an on-site test for peace of mind!