Need your office, workplace, school or business decontaminated?

Virus & Bacteria Cleaning Adelaide

Does your office, school, or workplace need a coronavirus decontamination before getting back to work? Our cleaners can 100% decontaminate your workplace from any residual Coronavirus, which has been proven to last over 2 weeks on some surfaces.

With a background in working with hazardous materials, like asbestos, cricme scene clean ups, and meth and mould treatment, we have the most qualified team of cleaners to disinfect your office or workplace 100% from coronavirus.

What we can do for you

✅ Coronavirus decontamination of offices / workplaces / schools / businesses / airports / transport vehicles

✅ Decon7 is one of the few chemicals EPA approved that has been proven to kill the Coronavirus

✅ China ordered 250 thousand litres of Decon7 and this has helped them control the situation so quickly
(See video)

✅ We are one of a few companies in Australia with access to Decon7 and are fully licensed and trained to use it

✅ We can 100% decontaminate & clean your office / business / workplace / office cleaning / school / airport so that you can continue life and carry on.



Hey Albert,

Hope the holiday went well

I want to express my sincere thanks to you and the fantastic team you had on the ground for the past month.

The team rocked up every day with smiles on their faces, enthusiastic and awesome to work alongside-their friendliness and work etchic was incredible. Please pass my thanks on, they certainly deserve it and if they want a reference for joining the Navy call on me!

All the Best

Lieutenant Commander Roger Saynor MBE RNZN
Executive Officer, HMNZS PHILOMEL
Royal New Zealand Nazy

Decontamination Cleaning | We Disinfect and Clean your Workplace in Adelaide

Our experienced, local Adelaide decontamination cleaners have gotten what we believe is the most effective agent at killing the Coronavirus. It’s so powerful that China purchased 250 thousand litres of it. The chemical is called Decon7 and you can see the videos of us using it.

So far in Adelaide already our coronavirus cleaners have decontaminated schools, a brewery, government buildings, a military institution, private offices and more.


About our Decontamination Cleaners

We are a division of JWNH Enterprises PTY LTD, an Adelaide team who have been dealing with hazardous situations like asbestos removal, meth and mould clean up, forensic cleaning and contaminated soil removal, and most recently, coronavirus cleaning, and decontamination of workplaces

We have a 100% track record for safety and success. We can clean any office or building to the highest standard because we have the best de-contaminants, and a highly experienced team in Adelaide who have been working in these hazardous industries for years.

Our procedures and precautions ensure that we have a 100% safety record and a 100% coronavirus decontamination record.

We are not new. We have been dealing with hazardous asbestos, meth houses, mould clean up for many years. Our team is trained to the strictest standards.


We one of the few companies in Australia with the chemical DECON7. Our special decontaminate that we use, DECON7, is extremely effective in killing Covid-19. If you have a office, building, home or anywhere that needs the best and most effective decontamination cleaning service, call us today!