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The Demolition Blokes are the best in Adelaide for commercial asbestos removal, and work to ensure your business is free from the extremely harmful material. Our team have unrivalled experience in Adelaide, and are experts in asbestos detection, removal and complete building demolition. Asbestos was commonly used up until the 1990s, making it likely that a structure built before this time would have been constructed using asbestos. Although the material was banned in 2003, the health implications for tenants of existing structures have been devastating and far reaching. Fortunately, there are now steps that can be taken to rid your workplace of asbestos, to guarantee the safety of your current and future employees. We are passionate about providing safe work environments for all South Australians, and we strongly believe that commercial asbestos removal should be at the forefront of all owners’ minds.

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Commercial Asbestos Removal

Commercial Asbestos Removal Process: What We Do

To begin the commercial asbestos removal process, The Demolition Blokes begin by testing your building to identify the material’s presence, before performing a thorough examination in a laboratory to find any toxins. Results from this test can generally be acquired between 48 and 72 hours of initial testing. We recommend performing a property inspection prior to the building be purchased or renovated, so you know exactly what you are in for before acquiring or exposing existing elements of a property. Further, the value of the property may slightly diminish if asbestos is detected, so it could save you a whole lot of time, money and stress if you decide to take immediate action. Our fully trained team will come to your premises to conduct a complete removal – note: no one will be allowed to enter the grounds during this time – before conducting a clearance inspection to guarantee the quality of our work.

Guaranteed The Best In Commercial Asbestos Removal

With costs varying with job complexity, it is extremely important to us to provide you with a transparent quote prior to beginning commercial asbestos removal; we can even give you some insight into the likely devaluation of the premises if the asbestos were to remain. Many people are completely unaware that they are being exposed to the dangerous fibres, until they begin to experience major health issues later in life, including mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer. Friable products are particularly detrimental, with fibres and dust released into the air with ease. Damaged or weathered products, such as chipped or cracked walls and ceilings, can result in parts of the structure becoming friable over time. However, even if the product is considered ‘non-friable’ or in sound condition, the removal, drilling or cutting of this material can pose a massive risk to tenants and residents nearby. Get in touch with The Demolition Blokes today to find see if you are at risk.

The Demolition Blokes are experts in commercial asbestos removal. Give us a call today to arrange your initial onsite inspection – you cannot put a price on your staff’s safety.

Commercial Asbestos Removal

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